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Hello Kitty is one of the most popular characters of all time. This website includes links to a few of her greatest books, movies, and toys!

Here are some of the products available. This is not yet a complete list, but I'm adding products to the list daily. If you wish to purchase any of these books, click on either the title or the picture to be directed to Amazon.com.

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Hello Kitty What Will I Be A to Z?
Hello Kitty introduces the alphabet to her many young admirers by imagining all the careers, from A to Z, that she might have when she grows up. Hello Kitty Hello Artist! If Hello Kitty becomes an artist, she will paint colorful pictures. Hello Kitty Hello Cowgirl! If Hello Kitty becomes a cowgirl, she will ride the range....

Complete with a sheet of alphabet stencils, Hello Kitty What Will I Be A to Z? is sure to set kids on the road to a lifetime of learning.

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Hello Kitty, Hello Numbers! : Counting 1 to 20 with Your Favorite Friend! (Includes Punch-Out Flash Cards)
Following the best-selling success of Hello Kitty, Hello World! and Hello Kitty, Hello Color!, here is a charming new addition to the Hello Kitty concepts family.

One hostess, two cupcakes, three friends together . . . Hello Kitty is throwing a surprise party for someone special. As guests arrive and treats pile up, young readers can join in counting from one to 20. But where is the guest of honor? This charming counting book features punch-out flashcards to help Hello Kitty's young friends practice their numbers.

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Hello Kitty, Hello World!
The popular Hello Kitty is off on a journey around the world in this vocabulary-building book for soon-to-be-well-traveled early readers. As Hello Kitty travels from country to country, she not only changes clothes to fit right in, she also learns how to say "hello" in each new language and identify cultural highlights, foods, and landmarks. In Italy ("Buon giorno Italy!"), Hello Kitty sees a gondola, lots of different kinds of pasta, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, art, and some fancy leather shoes. In Australia ("G'day Australia!") she discovers emus, barbecue, the Great Barrier Reef, Tasmanian devils, Ayers Rock, and the Sydney-to-Hobart Yacht Race.

Each of 13 nations is represented by a colorful two-page spread, with each tourist destination or cultural artifact clearly labeled with its proper name. Children are free to use their imaginations and ask questions to learn more about Brazil, Kenya, Japan, the USA, and more. A glossary is included, translating words into each country's language, accompanied by a pronunciation guide. Hola Mexico and Namaste India! Hello Kitty fans may want to take this book (complete with four postcards, three luggage tags, and a bookmark) along on their next adventure.

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Over the past 25 years, Hello Kitty's popularity has skyrocketed throughout North America. Girls, teens, and adults alike avidly collect everything from purses and pencils to T-shirts and toasters bearing Hello Kitty's distinctive image. Part of the Sanrio family of characters, Hello Kitty has been featured in articles and advertising in all major media.

Here, join Hello Kitty as she says "hello" to 13 countries around the world, greeting each nation in its native language. Filled with fun facts, the book also includes four ready-to-mail postcards, three luggage tags, a glossary, and a bookmark.

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Hello Kitty, Hello Love!
Every Hello Kitty fan will fall for Hello Kitty, Hello Love!

Hello Kitty is in love! And she would like to give a dear friend an extra-special present. What will she come up with?

Children and adults will adore this sweet, imaginative story. Even teens will relate to Hello Kitty's crush on dreamboat Daniel! As an added bonus, four punch-out postcards are included.

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Hello Kitty, Hello Color!
Includes a punch-out Hello Kitty mobile to assemble!

Red, yellow, green, blue-Hello Kitty loves color! And within these pages, she celebrates all the colors of her world. Of course pink always catches her eye-pink flamingos, pink bubble gum, and pink seashells! And yellow, too-yellow sunflowers, yellow ducklings, and ripe yellow bananas! Hello Kitty's list is endless, a dazzling rainbow that invites children indoors or out, at school or at home, to look around and say, "Hello Color!"

Hello Kitty, Hello Color! is a delightful companion to Abrams' hugely successful Hello Kitty, Hello World!

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Hello Kitty, Hello Color!

(Board Book)
Colors come to life in this sturdy board book. Join Hello Kitty in greeting a whole spectrum of colors: a white swan, a yellow banana, a green crocodile, a pink shell, and lots more. Open the world of color to tiny tots and introduce Hello Kitty to a new generation of fans.

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Hello Kitty, Hello Color!

(Coloring Kit)
Hello Kitty is ready for go-anywhere art adventures!

Young artists everywhere will be clamoring for their own Hello Kitty Hello Colors Coloring Kit! The appealing, sturdy case opens to reveal an exciting array of art supplies: nine crayons, nine colored pencils, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, and a combination ruler/magnifying glass--plus an exclusive Hello Kitty coloring book.

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Hello Kitty, Hello Shapes!
The perfect companion to Hello Kittyıs best-selling Hello Kitty, Hello Color! and Hello Kitty, Hello Numbers!

Hello Kitty is a wonderful teacher, and now she is ready to explain another important first concept to young children: shapes! As Hello Kitty reveals, shapes are all around us. Circles are circus balls . . . squares are paper for painting pictures . . . triangles are yummy slices of pizza.

Young readers will quickly catch on to Hello Kitty's lessons, and soon they will be spotting rectangular mirrors, star-shaped fish, baseball diamonds, and much more. Bonus punch-out shape stencils reinforce the lesson and help teach shapes the Hello Kitty way!

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Hello Kitty, Hello School!

(Book & Finger Puppets)
A fun new format for back-to-school!

With three finger puppets, a stage, and an all-new mini book, Hello Kitty Hello School! opens up a wonderful world of creative play. The book starts children off with a charming story about Hello Kitty and her closest school buddies, Fifi and Thomas. Then, using the puppets, youngsters can create their own stories, plays, and adventures about Hello Kitty and her pals-and act them out.

Packed in an irresistible school-themed box with a see-through window, Hello Kitty Hello School! is a terrific way to ease back-to-school jitters-or just to have a lot of interactive fun!

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Hello Kitty, Hello Family!
Children can be part of Hello Kitty's family in this spiffy house-shaped board book. A family talent show is always fun! Grandpa paints a pretty picture, Papa tells a funny story, and Mama bakes a yummy pie. What will Hello Kitty do?

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Hello Kitty, Hello Friends!
Hello Kitty invites her fans to join her Friendship Club in this sweet board book shaped like an ice-cream parlor. Riding a roller coaster, putting on shows, and sharing favorite books are just a few of the activities that Hello Kitty and her friends like to do together.

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Hello Kitty, Hello Halloween!
Hello Kitty celebrates Halloween- all treats, no tricks!

Includes punch-out paper dolls

With punch-out Hello Kitty paper dolls and costumes, Hello Kitty, Hello Halloween! is packed with treats for young readers. Kids will love reading the story, then using the dolls to help Hello Kitty choose the perfect Halloween costume. What will Kitty wear? Each of her friends has a different idea: Since Kitty loves to swirl and twirl, Rory thinks she should be a ballerina. Because she loves the twinkling night sky, Daniel thinks she should dress as an astronaut. So many choices!

A truly interactive Hello Kitty experience, Hello Kitty, Hello Halloween! provides thrills that will last long after the candy corn is gone.

Hello Kitty, Hello Christmas!
Ho! Ho! Ho! with Hello Kitty and Friends!

It's Christmas at last! Young readers everywhere will want to welcome the holiday season with Hello Kitty. Celebrate together by saying hello to snowflakes, sledding, mistletoe, sugarplums, reindeer...and, of course, presents.

Four delightful punch-out Hello Kitty ornaments add to the joy of the season. With Hello Kitty, Hello Christmas!, every Hello Kitty fan will have a merry holiday.

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Hello Kitty, Hello Christmas!

(Book and Ornament)
Hello Kitty and friends celebrate Christmas in style. The hand-painted resin ornament is the purr-fect way to add cheer to any Christmas tree, and the fun story offers a look into how Hello Kitty makes her holiday celebration special.

It's Christmas at last! Young readers everywhere will want to welcome the holiday season with Hello Kitty. Celebrate together by saying hello to snowflakes, sledding, mistletoe, sugarplums, reindeer...and, of course, presents. With Hello Kitty, Hello Christmas!, every Hello Kitty fan will have a merry holiday.

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Hello Kitty, Hello 2005! Wall Calendar
Enjoy yet another year of fantastic fun with your friend Hello Kitty! This year's calendar includes stickers, and a pull-out poster.

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Hello Kitty, Hello 2005! Desk Calendar
Spend every week of 2005 in the company of your favorite friend, Hello Kitty. This year's desk calendar includes a name and address section, horoscope information, and more.

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Hello Kitty, Hello Everything! : 25 Years of Fun
Ever since she first appeared in 1974, Hello Kitty has stolen the hearts of children, teens, and adults. This lavishly illustrated volume explores the world of Hello Kitty through the years. We learn about her family, friends, and interests, her birthplace, sign, and favorite color.

Marie Y. Moss's charming Hello Kitty biography is complemented by color photos of all manner of Hello Kitty collectibles -- dolls, toys, pens, jewelery, clothing, comics, backpacks, purses, even refrigerators and toasters, making this the must-have book for fans of all ages.

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